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A Video Worth Sharing…

A video put out by Jocko Willink. I have no affiliations with Jocko Willink outside of listening to his podcast on occasion and having read a couple of his books. I respect what the man contributes to the world and… Continue Reading →

Phat Chef A Different Kind of Gig Work

I want to introduce you to Phat Chef. https://www.phatchef.org Phat Chef is newer locally owned Phoenix Arizona Business that just got started in November of last year. Thanks to Covid-19 a good chunk of it’s services can now be provided… Continue Reading →

Full Affiliate FMTC Disclosure

So here’s the 411 aka Full disclosure on “We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. for more info see our full disclosure.” #1 Affiliates on this site??? Yes we do use affiliate links in… Continue Reading →

Healthy Eating Cookbooks 3 You Want to be in the know about

If you’re in the market for healthy recipes, want to try something new, something different or just can’t remember where you saved all the good ones on social media you might want to go old school and give these Healthy… Continue Reading →

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