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Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Your Children

Deep down, many of us want to be an entrepreneur. However, forgoing your weekly paycheck to follow your true passion takes lots of self-confidence and a hand full of skill sets. Many of us lack that confidence. Therefore, a great… Continue Reading →

Four Surprising Things That Damage Your Credit & How to Fix Them

Four Surprising Things That Damage Your Credit & How to Fix Them We all know that paying our bills late can damage our credit score. And most of us know that having too much debt is a challenge, too. However, there… Continue Reading →

4 Practical Books to Read When You Want to Become Your Own Boss

Most of us as new entrepreneurs or small business owners have no idea what we’re doing when we first start out. There’s a lot to learn, so many resources to choose from and a coach for everything… literally.

Phat Chef A Different Kind of Gig Work

I want to introduce you to Phat Chef. Phat Chef is newer locally owned Phoenix Arizona Business that just got started in November of last year. Thanks to Covid-19 a good chunk of it’s services can now be provided… Continue Reading →

Full Affiliate FMTC Disclosure

So here’s the 411 aka Full disclosure on “We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. for more info see our full disclosure.” #1 Affiliates on this site??? Yes we do use affiliate links in… Continue Reading →

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