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I’ll keep this short and sweet. Marxism has a horrific past. I support the end of rascism and classism period. I do not condone a Marxist organziation in their growth and power in the world. There is a difference. Willful blindness is active pariticaption in that which you say you are against.

Here are a few resources so you can read up on the history and effects of Marxism throughout history. Bottom line is it creates death in numbers that people cannot comprehend in our modern era.

Let’s restructure how policing is done in a positive way. Theres plenty to dig through there, so let’s actually dig in a look and not just jump to Marxism as the answer. Let’s deal with actual problems not create ones that will indite us to a world of living hell.

I pray common sense falls apon us all and we remember that strength lies within the indiviudal and that rights and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. We cannot have one without the other, nor can we stand by and watch our brothers and sisters of every kind continue to live a life that they feel trapped in. Let’s continue to make the world a better place, but there’s no need to make it worse first.


Marxism and the Failure of Environmental Protection in Eastern
Europe and the U.S.S.R.

Daniel H. Cole
Indiana University Maurer School of Law, dancole@indiana.edu


Marx a lesson only in the dangers of human pessimism

Eugenie Joseph


Why Communism Kills: The Legacy of Karl Marx

by Dr. Fred C. Schwarz



The Dangers of Marxism and the Case for Economic Interventionism

Escaping Plato’s Cave


The Russian GULAG
Understanding the Dangers of Marxism Combined With Totalitarianism

Mark Riley


And A few more links to read on.

Don’t take my word for it. Just do the research and learn about it. Let’s curve racism, let’s curve police brutality and change the direction of all the problems we do have without creating problems that are much worse.





The Gulag Archipelago

An Analysis of Frank Dikotter's Mao's Great Famine

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