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If you’re in the market for healthy recipes, want to try something new, something different or just can’t remember where you saved all the good ones on social media you might want to go old school and give these Healthy Eating Cookbooks a try. There’s billions of great cook books out there, and I’ll add more and maybe even some recipes later but for today here’s 3 that I think are delicious, unique and bring a little bit of color back into our lives.

#1 Grandma’s Flavors

Grandma’s Flavors is brought to you by just that… Grandma. This cook book comes in digital format or hard cover, has the nutrition content the doctor wants you have and the flavor from, well Grandma.

The cost is reasonable, and the book has recipes that we’re all pretty familiar with or rather the more traditional American meals, but made in such a way that won’t have you worrying about the blood pressure pills and antiacids later. Grandma’s Flavors runs about $22 to $25 depending on if you buy it hardcover or Ebook.

Grandma’s Flavor Cook Book Website

#2 The Vegans by Rashman Hadid

The Vegans Cook Book Website

The Vegans by Rahman Hadid. Well I have to admit I do not eat a 100% Vegan diet, BUT I do like to explore, experiement, eat healthy and try new things. This collection of 4 cookbooks explores Vegan cooking from multiple cultures around the world including Meditaranian, Lebanese and Thai. I love the diversity sitting at my table. These cook books are sold in Euro’s but don’t worry they use paypal and it does the conversion for you. Roughly $23 with an immediate download.

#3 100% Raw Love

Okay this one I love for so many many reasons. Its a 100 page digital raw food cook book which is good for anyone trying to eat healthy, or who needs the nutrition boost in their diet. Another reason I love this cookbook is it was created to help a woman with cancer. Even after her passing half of the proceeds go to underprivileged via a non-profit KIVA. The full story is located on their website. Again this one is in Euro’s but like the last will convert for you to US dollars. It runs around $20.

100% RAW LOVE Cook Book Website

3 Healthy Eating Cookbooks that in my opinion cover a pretty broad range of diets, nutritional needs, pallets, and the need for exploration in the kitchen… well if your anything like me that is.

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