We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. for more info see our full disclosure under Ask Mom. Thanks! Hope you have a Berry Good Day!

So here’s the 411 aka Full disclosure on “We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. for more info see our full disclosure.”

#1 Affiliates on this site???

Yes we do use affiliate links in some of our posts, and pages. 

#2 Are they all Affiliate Links?

No not all of them are affiliate links. Of course this varies from post to post. We care about the content we share. 

#3 We do the research

We do a fairly decent job at researching the companies that we are willing to put up on our websites through blogs, articles, and/or advertisements so we feel good about sharing those with you. 

And #4 A a few personal thoughts on Affiliate Marketing…

I was raised with a family owned business. What does that have to do with anything you might wonder? Well a bit of everything! 

First of all getting a new company off the ground is hard, like beating your head against the floor in frustration hard, and I would bet a lot harder than many people think it is. There is no exact blueprint, no syllabus, no directions telling you what to do or what the next step is. 

Uh huh okay but what does that have to do with affiliates again?

This… Affiliates have the ability to do two things. 

Number one most affiliate marketers are small businesses or sole proprietors/independent contractors so when you buy something through an ad or link on one (one meaning any one of the many of us that blogs or has websites up and uses affiliate links) of our websites you are as the old saying goes putting food on our tables. It is work to write, to research and do all the things that we do. It is often one of our forms of income. Not to say that all affiliates are poor or anything like that, it just is exactly that, it is our source of income, our source or one source of income that supports our families. 

Number two with the exception of humongous corporations what we are sharing with you is supporting another business (small medium or large), which means we are also affecting people and their employees, and their families, and I’d say that during times such as COVID-19 small business’ can use all the help they can get. 

And just a soap box side note there are billions of small business owners and sole proprietors utilizing Amazon and other large e marketplaces so we try not to judge books by their covers right off the bat. 

So that’s the gist. Of course there are exceptions but for the most part most of us are just making a living so when you click on one of our links or ad’s or when you share them they have a habit of being helpful to us and our families. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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